Sunday, June 24, 2012

San Francisco: A City of Inspiration

The last few days I was in San Francisco for a class. Many people refer to SF as "The City" as if it was the ONLY city in the world. I tend to agree with them. I always feel refreshed and bursting with creativity after a visit; even if it is brief. The food in SF is amazing; I cannot think of a bad meal I have had. The photo is of a plate of olives and anchovies myself and a good friend Jillyn shared. I didn't know I liked anchovies, just the very thought of them made me turn up my nose. And yet, I was in The City and took a chance. I loved their flavor, a touch fishy, a touch salty and (it could of been the olive oil) a touch oily. They are a wonderful snack. I am sold. We stayed at the Argonaut Hotel as we are partial to the Kimpton line. Plus you cannot beat the location; a bit touristy during the day, but quiet at night. Ghiradelli Square is up the hill and has a few cute boutiques. I noticed some shops that were there a few years ago (it has been a few years since my last visit) were closed. (Insert sad face!) But do visit Lola of North Beach I bought a bunch of cute stuff for my nieces and nephews there and a few cute homey things for myself. Like the San Francisco Stamp Set for myself from Yellow Owl Workshop! The last thing I did, a lot, this past week was indulge in libations. The Kimpton hotels offer a very nice FREE wine reception nightly. BUT on our final evening in SF, we dined at Gitane. I highly recommend the bacon bon-bons and the Safra to drink. The Safra, fuzzily pictured right, is a saffron infused gin based drink. I am not a fan of gin, BUT again I tried the Safra on my last trip to SF about six months ago and decided to give gin another try. ***NOTE: All photos were taken on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic App.***

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